Project Bearz

12030347_831228203642391_26472987341110941_oAround the world, it's getting harder and harder to collect funds for the protection and conservation of bears. However, the bear is the ambassador of an endangered wildlife. Protecting bears means acting on its environment and on all the animal and plant species that live among them.

Project Bearz gives you the opportunity to become an ambassador for 5 endangered species of bears thanks to an exclusive collection of wristbands picturing the polar bear, the brown bear, the sun bear, the spectacled bear, the asian black bear (moon bear)... but also the wolf, the lynx and the monkey !


  • Out of the 10€ of each eco-friendly wristband that we sell , 5€ will go to one of the partner organisations.
  • Proudly wear your Bearz wristband and recruit more ambassadors.
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By creating a global community, we hope to raise enough money to actively participate in saving or help conserving those endangered species, with full transparency. We don't make any profit. All costs are presented on the website and we regularly update the numbers of wristbands sold for each species.

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Bearz in numbers

902 wristbands sold - 5004.84 € collected

More details in the "Projects" pages.

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