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The European brown bear
(ursus arctos arctos)

  • Height: 1.70-2.50m
  • Shoulder height: 90-110cm
  • Weight at birth: 300-500g
  • Height standing up: 3m
  • Weight at 1 year old: 15kg
  • Adult weight: 120-280kg depending on sex and region. The European brown bear is smaller than the grizzly or the Kamchatka bear in Siberia where some of them can reach up to 700kg.
  • Colour: brown, yellow-brown, black.
  • Senses: the brown bear most developed senses are its sight and smell.
  • Feeding: fruits, honey, insects, plants and meat. Omnivorous but opportunist before all: it’ll eat what’s easiest to find where it lives.
  • IUCN status: least concerned. This species is not endangered on a global scale. However, the brown bear is endangered in certain parts of Europe and is already extinct locally.
  • Life expectancy: 25-30 years

Update on 06/21/2016:
86 wristbands sold – 457€ collected

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Partner organisation: AVES france

AFAVES France will receive 5€ for each Brown Bear wristband sold. AVES France is an organisation for the protection of nature and its wildlife that started in 2005. It has financially helped the rescue of a few brown bears since its creation.
AVES France helped during the rescue of the bear Miljen in Serbia, and more recently of the bear bruno in Italy. AVES France also supported the bear sanctuary in Zarnesti, Romania.
The funds will help us support more bear rescues, but will also help participating in bear acceptance projects  for those who share its territory.
AVES France also fights against dancing bear shows.


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