Sun bear – Patrick Rouxel’s “Helping bears”

Copyright Patrick Rouxel - Aider les ours

Copyright Patrick Rouxel – Aider les ours

Sun bear
(Helarctos malayanus)

  • Height: 1-1.40m
  • Shoulder height: 70cm
  • Weight: 25-90kg
  • Weight at birth: 250-400g
  • Reproduction: the female can mate from the age of 3 years old. The heat period last from 2 days to a week but can happen anytime during the year. The gestation period is about 95 days.
  • Characteristics: short and shiny fur, bacl or dark brown. Short muzzle, often grey-brown. Long, narrow and extendible tongue. Good climber.
  • Habitat: lives in trees of tropical forests in the North-Est of India, South of China, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • Remaining population: no reliable numbers
  • IUCN status: vulnerable
  • Life expectancy: 20 years

Update on 06/21/2016:
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Partner organisation: Patrick Rouxel’s “Helping bears”

Patrick Rouxel is a documentary director. In Borneo, he’s been moved by the fate of bears that were the victims of deforestation and poaching. The tragic story is usually the same: the mother bear is killed before the cubs are ready to survive on their own. Those cubs are then usually put in a cage. Dozens of cubs are awaiting for their struggle to end. Patrick decided to dedicate a few years of his life to those bears, giving them pens in the forest to give them a chance at living a decent life in a semi-captive environment. More info soon.

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