The Bearz wristband under the microscope…

We wanted for our Bearz wristbands to be fashionable items, but above all, eco-friendly. It’s all good, but what does it actually mean?

Bracelet Bearz

  • The medal is made of wood, a long lasting material. The drawing is pyrographed by artisans from Ecuador that will earn $2.25 per item. The medals are very lightweight, meaning we’ll be able to receive a lot of them in each package. This will help keep their carbon footprint low, even if they come from very far… and we’re proud to support those communities from Ecuador that make a living with their craft.
  • The coloured lace is not made of leather, of course, but of woven cotton. And it’s made in France!
  • The packaging has been designed to limit its impact on the environment. We couldn’t remove it because one of the Bearz’ wristbands mission was to transmit a message for the protection of endangered species. Its made from recycled paper and printed with plant-based inks.
  • Each wristband is shipped at the “green letter” cost, in a recycled paper envelope.
  • For each 10€ wristband, 5€ will be given to one of the partner organisation. We make a pledge to regularly update the counters on the website to let you know how many wristbands we sold, how much we raised and to give you some information about the projects we helped finance.

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